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AMP Network

AMP by Adapt Media

AMP is Canada's newest and brightest street-level, traffic facing digital network. AMP Network profiles extremely bright full motion screens facing highly traveled streets from busy locations of purchase in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

47" Screens with decorative 4" bezels call attention to the screens for an overall impressive 51" viewing area. Screens are incredibly bright so as to be seen in the brightest daylight, and dim for viewing in evening. Screens are complimented with mobile engagement WiFi, NFC, QR and URL access to create a content rich environment in mobile and a mobile paperless coupon program for in-store electronic redemption. All screens collect deep analytics with motion detection to determine number of viewers and length of engagement, data boxes also collect mobile device IDs for duplistic evaluation of metrics and provides lists for retargeting in online campaigns such as Facebook and on other sites.



Disney Tomorrowland movie trailer