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Analytics & Data

It’s All About the Data

Quantifying true metrics in real time on a regular and ongoing in Out of Home media is now possible. Adapt Media’s AMP Network uses some of the most sophisticated data collection units in the industry with partner Linkett.


How much more powerful can that be?

Linkett’s analytical devices, which are collecting data at every one of Adapt’s AMP Video Screen locations, determine if a person is standing in front of the screen, for how long and for which ads they dwell on. How much more powerful can that be?


Much more!

Linkett doesn’t stop at telling you about all important data of general consumers in front of the screens, but gets much much more granular by passively collecting device ID’s of all mobile devices in the direct vicinity of the screens.


So what does that mean for your brand?

Data on who the type of user is attending the store is collected such as general search history on the device to understand the consumer better. If that person interacts with AMP Network’s Mobile Exchange, Adapt then can leverage that device ID for online re-targeting of that device wherever it may go after, and to multi-devices in the home or work that are connected to that device. Think about how meaningful it will be to thank a customer at home on their Facebook, for taking your coupon at a store a few hours earlier.
That is power!


Want to get amazing data for your customers?

Contact Adapt Media today to get a FREE Linkett trial on your video network.