Company History

Born in 1998, Adapt Media is an OOH media company devoted to reaching Canadians at integral points on their path to purchase journey. Delivering colossal national scale with one billion monthly impressions in 1,000+ markets, Adapt hits Canadians at the exact moment that they’re looking to buy.


With an ever-evolving range of convenience store/gas station, airport, Drive Test Centre, and large format digital billboard OOH elements across Canada, Adapt can also develop customized networks to reach previously untapped markets.


Adapt is uniquely positioned as a  place-based OOH supplier with a sister company that deals exclusively in mobile location data; bringing greater relevance to the targeting in your OOH campaigns. Advertisers can layer on accurate geo-targeting data to prove the efficacy of any Adapt campaign, or continue the conversation with the prospect through retargeted mobile ads.