Grants and Initiatives, Connecting Communities Through Media


  • Create multiple grants in the form of advertising space across all media
  • Generate millions of dollars of donated advertising from media venues like billboards, broadcast, and digital/social
  • Help our winners gain national acclaim
  • A grant of up to $1 Million of Advertising Space


We exist to realize the tangible role media plays in fostering inclusion, by wielding our platforms of influence in equitable ways across Canadian media and business.

As gatekeepers of actionable outcomes, our unique roles will unlock support for impact initiatives in art, entrepreneurship, film, music, and sport thereof from BIPOC and marginalized communities.

What is iDREAM?

Founded in 2023, iDream is a national non-profit organization that empowers BIPOC and traditionally marginalized communities to find and amplify their voice, through Media.

We leverage our influence in Canadian media to create impact initiatives and media advertising grants for deserving applicants in art, entrepreneurship, film, music, and sport.


iDREAM roots start with its founding by Jamie Thompson, CEO of WPMC. Jamie started iDREAM to recognize, honour and give back to the Indigenous community which supported him 25 years ago in providing the seed to start his first company Adapt Media.

Jamie wanted to make sure all diverse backgrounds which make up Canada were represented with what iDREAM has to offer, and that can be seen today.

Media Contributors


  • A future where all Canadians have access to, and benefit from a sustainable media and business ecosystem.

  • Not just opening doors! Building new ones where they are needed most!

  • A grant of up to $1 Million of Advertising Space. As part of a professionally co-ordinated campaign