Mobile Polygonning

OOH with the Pinpoint Precision of Polygonning 


Our sister company, Chameleon Digital Media provides locational based analytics that prove the efficacy of your OOH placements.

With precision and privacy-lead data intelligence as our foundation, Chameleon Digital Media provides one of the world’s largest sources of geolocational data, connecting the physical and digital worlds, analyzing the location data of over 1.6 billion people across 44 countries.

  • Precise virtual line drawn around any building. Identify mobile device IDs as consumers enter and leave that polygon. Chameleon’s proprietary software accurately delivers geo-targeted ads to those consumers
  • Track the consumer journey through footfall attribution data
  • Extend Adapt OOH campaigns via a mobile audience extension
  • Glean valuable insights from historical data around those device IDs. Precisely define those insights through Chameleon’s proprietary dashboard


Combining the unmatched impact of OOH with the precision of mobile geolocational targeting our breadth of data allows clients the ability to provide granular locational visitation metrics and insights that advise and achieve marketing goals. 

We connect the physical world to the digital world by providing an exclusive view of the consumer based on precise device-level data. 

The results are intelligence based reporting to better understand the consumer journey far beyond your OOH ad placements.

Precision Polygonning

Our exclusive precision polygon technology accurately separates the true target location from irrelevant traffic. Polygons offer higher precision than radius or other geo-fencing techniques, and ours are accurate to ~3 ft. (0.91m).

Digital Opportunities

We’ve polygonned all our Adapt properties.

Extend your audience reach by targeting Mobile IDs that have visited locations with your OOH ad placements.

Measure and track consumers that have been to locations with your OOH placements.

Enhance your reporting with:

  • Pathing
  • Optimal Market Area
  • Visitation Insights
  • Location Data Analytics

Insights that drive decisions

Unique insights that guide data driven decision making with powerful mobile location data

Visitor Demographics

Visitation Over Time


Mobile Trade Area

Time of Day Visitation

Visitation Heatmap

Common Evening / Daytime Location

Day of Week Visitation

Mobile Polygonning

  • Pathing 
  • Optimal Market Area 
  • Visitation Insights 
  • Location Data Analytics