Municipality of


Reach Consumers in Ontario’s Fastest Growing City


  • #1 Growth city in Canada
  • Excellent Opportunity to Speak Directly
    to the Local Community
  • Strategically Placed Shelters
  • Population of over 110,000


In the vibrant municipality of Chatham-Kent, the #1 growth city in Canada, transit shelter advertising presents an exceptional opportunity to amplify your message and connect with the local community.

Nestled amidst the charming streets and bustling transportation hubs, these strategically placed shelters become a dynamic canvas for your brand’s voice.

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Municipality of Chatham-Kent

  • Excellent opportunity to speak to the local community on the move
  • Strategically placed transit shelters
  • 110,000+ community members are waiting for your brand

Timmins Transit

The Fourth Largest City in the Northeastern Ontario Region


  • 15 Transit Benches – 30,000 consumers daily
  • 19 Buses 
  • 14 Transit Shelter Frames
  • 3 Large Video Screens in Transit Terminals
  • 50/50 Male/Female Demographic Profile
  • 1,000,000 Transit Riders annually


Timmins is the fourth largest city in Northeastern Ontario. With a population of 41,788 Timmins Transit boasts a fleet of 20 buses.

Our Transit advertising networks deliver premium
high visibility placements at an affordable rate.

19 buses

with Kings


Interiors and wraps


bus benches


shelters and one digital
transit terminal screen

Timmins Transit:
Timmins / Schumacher / Porcupine



male / female gender split


riders annually

10+ mins

dwell time


14 Shelter frames

15 Transit benches

3 Transit terminal video screens

Bus wraps & Back wraps

Adapt Ads in Action

Timmins Transit

  • 41,788 Population
  • 20 buses
  • Also cover Schumacher and Porcupine regions