Chameleon Digital Media announces a “conscious uncoupling” from Adapt Media


In preparation for the launch of its Datalytica analytics platform and to create increased trust with, and value to, its many OOH publisher partners, Chameleon Digital Media announces a “conscious uncoupling” from Adapt Media, Chameleon’s former parent company.

“Because Datalytica will ingest so much proprietary first party intelligence in the form of loyalty, mobile location, payment, and CRM data from our OOH partners, we wanted them to feel comfortable in sharing that informational lifeblood with the Chameleon Digital Media team. Chameleon will still be available to Adapt to prove the efficacy of their OOH products, but there will now be a clear division between the two companies’ daily operations. We’re proud to have Adrian Seeley, formerly of Narcity and Pelmorex Media, onboard to lead the Chameleon sales charge as the company’s Vice President of Sales; his exclusive mandate will be to focus on working with the country’s largest OOH providers, along with advertising agencies looking to understand who their client audiences are and where they live, work, eat, and play through Datalytica and our own proprietary mobile location polygon expertise,” explained Jamie Thompson, Founder and CEO of Chameleon Digital Media.

Chameleon Digital Media has spent nine years analyzing people’s daily movements to quantify and qualify them as consumer audiences. CDM has become expert in providing turn-key data solutions to the world’s largest retail, automotive, financial services, restaurant, and travel brands. Chameleon Digital Media is independently owned and operated through holding company, Wildwood Park Media Corporation (WPMC).

Contact for Chameleon Digital Media:

Adrian Seeley

Vice President, Sales