Adapt Media’s business began as a result of our close partnership with thousands of independent convenience stores across Canada.
According to the Convenience Industry Council of Canada’s last report, 66% of Canadian convenience retail locations are still operated by independent owners. Each of these independent stores provide a touchstone of community contact for the urban, suburban, and rural neighbourhoods they serve.
Adapt’s independent convenience store arm allows advertisers true national scale with both vibrant static and digital options available in each province and territory.


Adapt Media independent convenience store posters span the country. Located in 1,000+ cities boasting 1+ billion monthly with 5,000+ store locations.
Adapt’s independent digital screens, AMP screens (which face pedestrians at street level) and POP screens (placed conveniently right at the cash register to capitalize on crucial last minute purchasing) are to be found in BC, Ontario, and Quebec.

Independent Convenience Store Posters in Action

Independent Convenience Store AMP Screens in Action

Independent Convenience Store POP Screens in Action

Independent Convenience Stores

  • 1 Billion+ monthly impressions 
  • Hundreds of digital screens across GTA 
  • Reach the community while they shop locally or after fueling up.